Gravel Unit (Belgium)


What do you get if you let a bunch of purebred folk musicians make music together for years? Gravel Unit. Cleverly designed roots doll with feet in the folk, a belly full of soul and the ears focused on the world. Once started as a folk band pur sang under the name Paddy Murphy's Wife, somewhere on the way between Roeselare and Kachtem on the way back from those annoying school desks.

Today Gravel Unit is an adult band, not only the age of the musicians increased steadily, but also the quality of the music. With a sophisticated mix of traditional and self-written songs, good songs (whether they come from our pen or that of better writers) and thoughtful arrangements, Gravel Unit guarantees an atmospheric evening.

Gravel Unit; that is festive rootspop with space for enjoyment with integrity and foot-stamping exuberance. They are happy to take any audience on a musical world tour!

Sliotar (Ireland)

Music has played an essential part in the Celtic society for centuries. It has been the glue of the community in times of trouble as well as in times of celebration. It is from this desire to be that glue of the community that Sliotar got started. From the early days of playing The Porterhouse Des Gorevan, Ray MacCormac and J.P. Kallio have navigated their crew of three to become a regular feature on the European festival scene. Their liveshow is known to have an addictive quality, that the band's followers travel far and beyond to hear. It is Celtic music that connects people.

Sliotar has been pushing the boundaries of modern folk and Celtic music for two decades, and you can hear this experience in their sound. The heavily jazz-influenced drumming of Des Gorevan and the powerful DADGAD guitar work of Finnish born J.P. Kallio build an amazingly tight foundation for Ray MacCormac’s Uilleann pipes and whistles. The dance tunes get even the most preserved audience tapping their foot. The songs are a mixture of Ray’s heartfelt a cappella songs and J.P.s self-composed modern folksongs. You can hear all walks of life in Sliotar’s music.

The Kimberleys (United Kingdom)


London based husband and wife duo Isobel and Jim Kimberley have developed a sound which feels authentic and refreshingly original. They take great folk anthems and approach them with a fresh and vital ear that equals the folk revival icons of the 60’s.

The Kimberleys debut album was voted into the top 10 Folk Albums of 2018 by ShireFolk and people’s choice on Sky roots music channel Keep It Country.

Their inclusion on a compilation CD alongside Gordon Giltrap and David Starobin place these imaginative musicians in virtuoso company.

This charismatic couple are renowned for their virtuoso performances, and are an essential discovery for any folk fan!

J.P. Kallio (Ireland)


"Anything you say might end up in one of my songs." (Quote by J.P. Kallio)

J.P. Kallio is a Dublin based singer-songwriter from Finland. Over two decades as a full-time musician has made him a very comfortable performer and a storyteller. Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, J.P. wears his heart on sleeve and connects with the audience in a heartwarming fashion.

J.P. is a modern-day folk singer singing and prolifically writing songs about life. He is a singer and guitarist in a cult Celtic band Sliotar. He also performs weekly sessions in Dublin. He has and continues extensively to tour Europe.

Since his first solo album "Northern Boy" J.P. has released six albums, and the seventh album is scheduled for 2020.

Vlaeminck, Roose & Verhelst (Belgium)

Bart Vlaeminck and Kries Roose found each other in their mutual appreciation for each other's songs.

Accompanying themselves and each other on guitars and harmonics, supplemented/interspersed with the poems of Tania Verhelst, the three of them perform a varied, intimate, nurturing repertoire that can best be described as pleasant and satisfying.

Piet Loose (België)

“Piet, you play the accordion, don't you?”, asked a colleague-musician. Technically I HAVE an accordion, I replied. "It doesn’t matter; if you accompany me, we can get free beer at the pub.”. And so it happened. For some reason, as a singer, I had already built up a considerable repertoire of French and Irish music. Step by step I learned to intergrate all this to the accordion.


Many adventures later I am an acoustic solo musician. Only with my voice and accordion I bring the French and Irish song treasure to life for a limited audience. From the exuberance of Brel and Bécaud to the emotion of Aznavour and Corbel. From the ambiance of The Dubliners and The Pogues to the serenity of an anonymous Irish band.


And, halfway through the trip, I sometimes get stuck elsewhere...